Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Young at Heart

Yes, this is in fact my full-grown boyfriend in a ball pit. I'll address the questions that are most likely coming to your mind:
  1. Where is he? Oh, you know, just at his full-grown buddy's house.
  2. His buddy has a ball pit?! Duh. What else are you going to do with an empty basement?
  3. Does he have children? Nah, he is just young at heart.
  4. Umm, what about making a bar in the basement instead? Don't you worry, there is also a fully stocked bar. Like fully stocked. And a personal movie theater.
  5. Ok, back to the ball pit, how deep is it? About 4 feet. You could lose a small child in there. Luckily, this is a bachelor pad, so there will be no children lost in the sea of plastic, colorful balls.
  6. Can I visit this house?! I'll have to get back to you on this one, but I have a hunch that he wouldn't turn away any good-lookin' ladies.

Any other unanswered questions?

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