Monday, June 24, 2013

Our New Paintings

My mom was nice enough to hand down a couple paintings by Maurice Utrillo that were my grandma's from back in the day. We're pretty sure they are prints or lithographs, but they certainly look original to me! The simple gal in me went with a very basic brown frame and off white mat and I think both choices make the paintings pop! We opted for a "museum style" hang, so it's hanging from our crown molding ledge. At first I wasn't so sure, but now I'm really digging it!

Thanks for sharing with us, Mom! They fit perfectly in our home. And it's nice to have a little more Nama in our home :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Day Trip Escape

For Memorial Day weekend, we got the itch for a day-trip adventure and an escape from the city. In Seattle terms, that translates to: Bainbridge Island. It feels like an escape, but is only a 30-minute - and gorgeous! - ferry ride away. When we got there, we promptly picked up some coffee, then leisurely walked the downtown and along the marina, and even did a little wine tasting. 

Then we thought we might drive north to catch the Kingston ferry for a little change of pace. Along the way, we found a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint (yum!) and a casino. Yes, we hit up the Clearwater Casino. We each allowed ourselves $10 for slots. Well, lady luck was visiting because after paying for a beer a piece, we still left $10 ahead! Score. 

When waiting for the ferry, we got the obligatory ice cream cone. A perfect way to end a day of gluttony :) All in all, it was another fantastic day spent with my sweets!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pike Place and Friends

About a MONTH ago (gosh, it's taken so long to post!), Kimbie was in town for a hot second. So last minute, she asked a few of us to spend an afternoon down at Pike Place Market. Clearly, you don't say no to an invitation like that. So we had a relaxing lunch, toasted some bubbly and walked the market - oogling the gorgeous flowers of early Summer. Gosh, I love my girls. But I'll admit, I think it's much better when they all live in Seattle. (Hint hint.) Excited to see Miss Karen Clegg in a couple days too!

P.S. Thanks for the last two photos, Stephers! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Woodinville Winos

For the Memorial Day weekend, Joe, Steph, Erin and I headed to Woodinville for some afternoon wine tasting. We only made it to three - my favorite was Patterson Cellars - before we had to call it quits to get some food in our bellies. So we switched it up and headed to Redhook Brewery for lunch on their patio. It was one of the nicest days in a long time, so it was nice to soak up the sun for a bit. 

Considering how close Woodinville is, I really don't know why we don't do this more often. I mean, yes, it makes you want to take a nap by 4pm, but I think we all deserve that on occasion, don't ya think?

P.S. Remember that one time we ran from Ballard to Redhook? Yeah, that was rough. Driving for wine trumps running for Redhook, hands down.

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