Monday, June 7, 2010

little letters

dear legs,
thanks for carrying me through 22.7 miles of running yesterday. i really appreciate that you didn't let me collapse.

dear fork in the trail,
please don't ever confuse me again. that added mileage due to a wrong turn was not appreciated. i curse you.

dear friendly runners,
thanks for your words of encouragement as we passed you along the burke gilman trail. you felt our pain as much as we felt yours.

dear water,
i'd die without you. (literally. i'm not even being dramatic.)

dear cookies and cream powerbar,
you taste like heaven after 10 miles.

dear seattle weather,
thank you for holding off until the last mile or two to start dumping rain on us. at that point, it was welcomed to cool us off and wash off the salt. (yes, you become rather salty when you run long distances.)

dear fellas (joe, ryry and james),
thanks for welcoming us stinky girls as we made it to redhook brewery from BALLARD. i hope you enjoyed your bonding time since we were late. (damn fork in the trail.) and joe, thanks for making us medals. that's why you're awesome.

dear redhook brewery,
thanks for having the most amazing nachos on this planet. it may have been the severe lack of calories in my body, but they blew my mind. so did the guacamole.

dear autumn and maddie,
we're crazy. but at least we're crazy together. thanks for being the best running buddies.

dear marathon,
three more weeks and i'll be done with you and resume a life that might resemble normal.

and finally...

dear monday,
how much would it cost to convince you to magically become friday? i'm willing to pay big bucks.


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  2. 22.7 miles, Erika! That's AWESOME. Even if you didn't mean to run that far. :)

  3. Thanks, Susie! I'm hoping that tacking on the last 4 miles won't be TOO difficult!


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