Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dancing Queens

Apologies for being MIA lately. With summer activities, a new job (!!) and wedding planning, the ol' blog has been on the back burner. I'm not making in promises it'll get any better this summer, but I'll do my best :) 

But for today, I'll share some pics of my beautiful cousins from their LAST recital! They were phenomenal! It's been fun to go back and watch them grow into such incredible dancers - even though they are wrapping up their time at the dance academy, I have no doubt that dance will continue to be a be part of their lives.

Audrey is off to college and Jenna will be starting her senior year. Pretty crazy, huh? I know I'm young, but when people who I once babysat start going off the college, it really makes me feel a little more old. 

Jenna's solo.

Audrey's solo. 

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  1. Summer is a hard time for blogging, so much other fun stuff going on. No worries! :-)

    PS your cousins are adorable!!

    Sarah @ Life As Always


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