Thursday, July 14, 2011

La Casa del Mojito

Awhile ago, Joe and I were in no mood to cook. I got off work a little late and he had just gotten off a long stretch of work over the weekend, so we thought we would treat ourselves to dinner at La Casa del Mojito in Maple Leaf - a Latin American-inspired restaurant that offers drums to play at your table and the perfect summer evening cocktail, the mojito - not too sweet, not too strong and incredibly fresh.

It's extremely difficult to choose an entree on the menu because everything sounds so tasty. We decided to just point to a couple dishes at the next table when we ordered, "We'll have what he's having and what she's having." Very sophisticated way to order, I must say. We ended up sharing the pabellon (shredded beef dish) and some sort of pork dish. Both were scrumptious, but we agreed that the beef dish took first place.

I will definitely be making it back to this hidden gem - the little yellow building off of the I-5 exit to Lake City is not to be missed.

P.S. This is how wow'd Joe was with the menu options :)

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