Monday, February 13, 2012

Macrina Bakery

Since we had an early morning on Saturday to sign some papers in Queen Anne, we quickly ducked into Macrina Bakery to share a sweet roll. They have some of the tastiest treats in Seattle. Even though I've only been there a handful of times, every time I get something different and every time I find myself wanting more. Next time, I'd like to try one of their savory scones. But considering homemade breakfast is just as tasty, it might be awhile before I get back :)

P.S. For the record, my favorite bakery is Cafe Besalu in Ballard. Next time I go, I'll document! Their pain au chocolat just melts in your mouth.


  1. That place is so yummy! These is also a great place in West Seattle that I of course can't think the name of now...

  2. Carol, I bet it's Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle. I just got an email that we are getting their treats for a staff breakfast tomorrow, YUM!!! You should try it Erika, it's as good as Besalu!

  3. Herk,
    Maybe instead of a dinner date for me, it should be a pastry and coffee followed by a nice cab.. Just a thought

  4. There is nothing quite like a beautiful bakery! I'm a sucker for a chocolate croissant!


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