Friday, February 10, 2012

Thinking Warm Thoughts

It's inevitable. Every year, I get to a point when I'm just ready for Summer (or an unseasonably warm Spring). I've hit that point way too early this year. To fight the rainy, gray weather blues, I reminisce of tropical vacations. Hands down, my favorite tropical vacation was Hawaii with Stephers back in 2009. Aww, the beaches. The cocktails. The warm sun. The snorkeling. The relaxation. The surfing. The naked baby. (Our daily beach visit was always at the same time as an adorable little family with the cutest little baby - and she mostly ran around in her diaper or just butt naked. Adorbs.) You guys, it was magical.

What is your favorite tropical vacation?


  1. Agreed!! I wish we were sitting on Waikiki right now with a mai tai....

  2. No kidding! And after that mai tai, a lava flow! Let's do it again :)

  3. Oh I so want to go abroad now! I really love Greece x

  4. i want to go there right now! to get a tan to have a drink in my hand and just let the day pass away while i hang out at the beach, ahh that would be the life!


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