Sunday, March 24, 2013

A candle passing

Last Tuesday, I was tricked. Duped. One might call it the smoothest and nicest act of deceit ever. So the story goes: since I'm Personnel Advisor at Chi Omega, I have to go to the chapter on occasion for personnel meetings with the President and Personnel Chair - to talk with members they're concerned with or members who have broken a rule. We've been trying to schedule a meeting with a member for a long time and my advisees finally said they booked the meeting. So Maddie was going to cover for me, but she said she had an appointment. So I asked another advisor who also had a conflict. Technically, I could do the meeting, but it was my only night to be able to run errands, so I was just hoping that someone could cover. But alas, no one could.

So I go to the chapter for the meeting. The Personnel Chair and President said the member was running late, so they asked if I could help them with something in the Chapter Room while we were waiting. So we go down to the chapter room. They open the door and I am about to turn on the light when I see my girls standing there, ready for a candle passing - a sweet little tradition that we do for the newly engaged. My jaw was on. the. FLOOR. I was shocked. It took awhile to understand all the coordination that went into this - seriously, how sweet! So after I got the full scoop - and realized how I made their planning that much more challenging - we decided to all get a drink together at one of our favorite college bars: The Duchess.

It was such a special night. I am incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful friends that Chi Omega has brought into my life. They're pretty amazing. Thank you ladies! And thanks to Maddie for putting up with all the challenges I threw her way in planning :) Love you all!


  1. So great!!! The alum here gave me a candle passing at one of our events. It was sweet :)

  2. It was so much fun getting to surprise you, and carrying on the tradition, too! Love you!

  3. That is SO sweet!!!!! What a cute thing for the girls to do for you!!

  4. Aw, so sweet! Surprises are the best. :-)


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