Monday, March 4, 2013

Glamour Shots

We recently got a nicer camera to capture our lives a little more beautifully. We've wanted one since we noticed the difference between my Dad's fancy DSLR and our regular point-and-shoot used on our road trip and Sweden adventure. The DSLR just made everything come to life with the most perfect, balanced colors!

So far, I've taught myself quite a bit and I'm also remembering all of the little tidbits as shared by my Dad and Kathryn. Turns out, Joe doesn't want to always be my subject (but rest assured, I have quite a number of him too!), so my little furballs have been regular subjects. I play with different lighting, aperture and shutter speed to see how the pictures change. My favorite was shooting the ball of yarn with Fifi in aperture priority - focusing on her and then the yarn. The shots are so different, but use the same settings with a different focus. Pretty cool, huh? 

Once the weather is nicer, I hope to go on a few photography adventures to teach myself some more! Until then, don't be surprised if you get more Goose and Fifi shots...


  1. getting a new cam like that is SO fun. i love my fancy shmancy nikon!


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