Sunday, October 27, 2013

Four months later: The 4th of July!

After taking such a long blog break, it's hard to even know where to begin to catch up. So rather than be methodical about what to post, I'm just going to post whatever photos inspire me at the moment. Right now, with the weather cooling even more, I've been having dreams of summer. And what better summer event to reminisce than the 4th of July?

All of the usual suspects at this 4th - Samish Island, Knutzen family and their cabin, Steph/Mads/Kami, Joe, Mom, Dad and Kam on the firetruck in the parade, fireworks, good food, crazy fireworks, Maddie's patriotic jello shots and more. But the latest amazingly adorable addition to the 4th: Baby Lila! Kami's little bundle of joy who was only a little bump last year :)

So in no particular order, my 4th of July... 4 months later! 

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