Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pump, pump, PUMPKIN patch

Ahh, the pumpkin patch. An annual tradition that started back in 2009. Not surprisingly, I went to two pumpkin patches this year. Since Steph couldn't make it the pumpkin patch outing hosted by Erin, she wanted to get her fix in sooner. So Merith and I graciously offered to join her. (Twist our arms, right?) We ventured out to the middle of nowhere in Carnation on a cloudy Saturday morning to pose with pumpkins, pick out our favorites for our doorsteps, take the mandatory jumping photos, have a bite to eat and ask strangers to put their kitten on a pumpkin for a mini-photo shoot... 

Oh wait, does that last one need some explanation? Well, the short of it is: someone spotted a kitten in a man's shirt pocket. A gravitational force pulled me toward the kitten and I asked him if I could pet her. (We learned his daughter named her Sprinkles!) Then Merith brought it to the next level and asked if we could put the kitten on a pumpkin to take photos of it. Bold, Merith, bold. But he and his wife kindly obliged! That's when I captured the moneymaker above. I'm thinking it's a prize winner, don't ya think?! If there are any kitty calendar creators out there, I take offers...

All in all, a fabulous fall outing. Pumpkin Patch 2.0 to come soon!


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