Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2.0

After a successful first pumpkin patch trip this year, my second trip was equally as fun. This time, we headed north to Stocker Farms - our go-to pumpkin patch. After scouting out the right pumpkin for our doorsteps, we headed to Erin's place for some good grub and vino. We stayed until our eyes couldn't stay open, which I think is a sign of a good night :) Once again, thanks for hosting, Erin!

Autumn holding a pumpkin.

 Also striking a pose with an orangie.

What can I say? It's what we do best.
 I'd be lying if I didn't admit this guy was heavy.

Lesson learned: buns make you taller!

The thing I love about ghords the most: they are seasonal through Thanksgiving!

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