Monday, September 13, 2010

And the rest of the road trip

I realized that I was very eager to post about all the wine we drank, but have yet to post about the rest of our fabulous road trip. So here goes.

Remember these GORGEOUS photos of Crater Lake? And how excited I was to see the bluest lake in the world? Well, turns out, the weather had other plans. We rolled into our campsite at about 10 or 11pm on a nice, clear night, pitched our tent and fell fast asleep. Fast forward five hours: rain. We didn't put on the rain fly. So while I was in my sleepy state and saying, 'it's ok, we'll be fine without it," Joe took care of us. (Thanks J!) But it wasn't soon enough to prevent some water in tent, so we got up early and went to the lake.

Here's Crater Lake. We waited for several hours in the lodge for the rain and fog to clear, but it wasn't going anywhere... The one hiccup of our road trip, so we'll have to go another time.

So, next stop: Pacific Ocean! More specifically, Lincoln City and briefly Cannon Beach.

Being goofballs in the water.

The sunset the first night was perfect. Beach + cheese & crackers + wine + wonderful company = perfection.

We also swung by Portland to visit my sister for coffee and to see her new place! I'm so happy for her. Love ya, sis!

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