Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall = Kimber

Do you have friends that remind you of certain seasons? I do. The season we're in: Fall. This is the friend who wants to stop on the side of the road to collect pretty red, orange and yellow leaves. She can't get enough pumpkins or squash to put on display in her apartment. She's the one that likes to make homemade soups. And the friend who can rock the clothes that Fall brings like boots, hats and big, cozy sweaters.

Meet Kimber. These pictures are from last year's pumpkin patch extravaganza, but I feel like Kimber is synonymous with Fall. Can't wait for this year's visit to the pumpkin patch!

The last one is one of my faves. Seriously, what a glamour shot! :)


  1. This is amazing. Seriously - I heart you. And I also heart fall - and I am SO excited about our upcoming excursion that I bought a Costco-sized box of adult diapers because I just might pee my pants.

  2. Ha! I might have to borrow a diaper or two because I'M SO STOKED!


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