Monday, May 2, 2011

Chasin' Waterfalls

Since our weather has been a little more on the miserable side, Joe and I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors when the sun made a special guest appearance yesterday. We decided that a hike is just what the doctor ordered, so we opted for Snoqualmie Falls since neither of us had been there in years. When we got there, there were signs all over that said the trail is closed until 2013. Oops. Oh well, it is still such a beautiful site to see! I love that even a few hundred feet up on the observation deck, you can still feel the mist from the cascading water. Pretty incredible.

And thanks to my trusty Day Hike book, we were able to find another trail nearby, so the drive east wasn't completely a bust. Stay tuned for details on our hike tomorrow!

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