Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rattlesnake Ridge

Reasons why you need to hike Rattlesnake Ridge as soon as possible:
  1. It's like take my breath away beautiful up top. (Did I get the Top Gun song stuck in your head? It's stuck in mine now.) We're talking 360 degree views. Two different lakes and mountains in every direction.

  2. It's not too tough. It feels like you did a little working out, but you're not going to wake up sore the next day.

  3. It's only 2 hours tops (each way), but I highly recommend factoring in some good picnicking time at the top. You won't want to leave right away.

  4. While the rock ledge is filled with people, there's enough room for everyone and every spot has a fantastic view. No need to hurry along to make room for new people.

  5. They sell beer at the top. Isn't that rad?

You lacing up your hiking boots yet?

This sign is reassuring.

Oh, ok, no beer at the top, but I really wanted to get you excited about the hike. Did it work? P.S. Not sure beer and steep cliffs go hand-in-hand...


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'll have to check it out!

  2. You had me going with the beer!! I quess I will just have to pack my own.


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