Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hawaiian Beaches

Maui is known for their beautiful, giant beaches. So it goes without saying that we spent the majority of our trip at a beach. Changing it up from day to day - Big Beach, a lava rock beach, a quiet beach and a windy beach.

In essence, we'd sit on the beach and read. The eyes would get heavy, so we'd nap. Get too hot, so go take a dip in the water. Get beat up by the crazy waves. Reapply sunscreen. Maybe drink a Hawaiian juice. Eat our homemade PB&J's. Relax. Boogie board, paddleboard, surf (I got up 3 times!). Reapply sunscreen again. Then more relaxing. I would occasionally try to find the shade because heat and I don't always agree.

Sigh, oh Hawaii, I love you. And I miss you dearly.

 Ryan surfing!

 Lava rock beach!


  1. Great pictures! Seeing these makes me want to go back so badly!


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