Monday, July 30, 2012


Little Fiona and Gustav Sherman have quickly made themselves at home. In our laps. On our bed. In our spots on the couch. It took them less than an hour to get their "we own this home" attitude, as most cats do. Then, every time we opened a new door of an undiscovered room, they would revert back to Kitten Detectives - sniffing and tiptoeing around with catlike tread.

We can't get enough of their loud, motor-like purrs, fluffiness and the cute little butt wiggle that kittens do before pouncing on their prey (i.e. their brother, sister or our poor scratched legs).

Now I will share their thoughts from the first few days in their new home...

"Geez, the Olympics are boring.Wake us up when the Kittylympics are on. In the meantime, this lap looks comfy."

"Hmm, what does this taste like? Yummm." (We have a lush on our hands, friends!)

"I can feel you staring at my adorable polka dot belly, Mom. Look away; you're making me blush." (Her post surgery belly is hands-down the best kitty belly of all time.)

"See Dad? I'm sooooo big. I can take up your entire seat."
"What? She's comfy. It's how we roll."

"Hey guys! We found our bed. Now where exactly do you sleep?"

"Yep, we like it here. A lot. You guys are pretty neat. We'll keep you after all." -Gustav Sherman
"Hey, what's that red dot racing around on the carpet??" -Fiona

These pictures don't give an accurate picture of these crazy kitties. Sleeping comes second to SHEAR MADNESS PLAYTIME! But all of those pictures are blurry :)

P.S. Check out Itty Bitty Kitty Committee's goodbye post on our little buggers. Thanks for the fond farewell, Laurie! Also, thanks for taking such good care of Fiona and Gustav Sherman for their first few months of life.


  1. Oh.... Cute grandkitties!! Can't wait to meet them!!! Kiss kiss from grandma!!!

  2. They are too adorable... what a lovely spotty belly!! xx


  4. We saw your link on the Itty Bitty Committee comments page. The babies look quite happy! Concatulations on your new additions!!!

  5. The pleasure was all our, Erika! Enjoy your babies! You got a very good pair!

  6. I don't think it's just a matter of the kittens owning the house; from the first two pictures, it looks like they've decided that they own *you.*

    I initially thought Gustav Sherman would pair up well with Rutherford but I saw how mistaken I was when the "Out like a Trout" pictures were posted on the IKBC web site. Gustav Sherman and Fiona are, clearly, meant to be together. It also seems they were meant for you and Joe. I'm just amazed out how quickly they've adapted to you and your home!!

    Of course the kittens are bored by the Olympics. They will want to be watching the *Felympics.*

    (The commentary on this is hilarious!)


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