Thursday, August 30, 2012


Our ten year reunion has come and gone. We saw familiar faces, reminisced about days long gone and toasted to the next ten years. Everyone was genuinely happy to see each other. When I came home that night, my mom asked, "who were you most surprised about?" And to be honest, there was very little surprise - Facebook has sort of made the reunion shock obsolete. I've seen who has three kids, who is a doctor and who has had some interesting life changes.

But what I'm most proud of is the friends I've managed to keep close in the ten years since we graduated (some pictures, some not). These amazing people hold a special place in my heart. And that's not just because this is how we automatically posed for a picture at our pre-party, but it certainly is part of the reason.

Thanks for all the great memories, friends! Thanks for hosting a pre-party for a few of us and our folks, Kathi and Greg! Thanks to Josh and Suze for flying in from Chicago and L.A. And a big thank you to my sweetie pie, Joe, for suffering through enjoying my reunion by my side - there were just so many people I wanted you to meet! :)

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