Friday, August 17, 2012

The Perks

"I'm with the Double Take crew." -Us
"Oh, wow! Congrats - didn't Double Take set a record or something?!" -Maui People
"I think it was close. They certainly got in quick!" - Us
"To celebrate, do you want to go out on a 70+ foot, privately chartered catamaran?" - Welcoming Committee
"Well, I mean, I guess we couldn't really say no to that, could we? Thank you!" -Us
"We'll also bring out snorkeling gear for everyone so you can swim with the fish, turtles and baby sharks." - Welcoming Committee
"You're so generous, thank you! But please, no sharks." -Us
"We can also do some big-time fishing off the back of the boat." -Welcoming Committee
"Neato!" -Joe and RyRy
"How about you also come over to our beautiful beach front home for dinner? Our deck is perched right above the ocean" -Welcoming Committee
"Golly, twist our arms. Sure!" - Us
"And then we'll give you each a million dollars as a parting gift." -Welcoming Committee

Note: Only one thing on this list didn't happen. I'll let you guess. But the takeaway from this post is that the welcoming committee spoiled us!


  1. How fun! Great way to spend the afternoon!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Soooo... Now that you have a million dollars where are WE going???


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