Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ballard Market Flowers

Maddie and I spent more time than I'd care to admit at one of the flower booths at the Ballard Market this Sunday. We were completely enamored by one of the women who works there - creation after creation, her bouquets were like pieces of art. We'd watch and say, "ok, let's see what her next one looks like..." Again and again. I honestly thought they might call security on us because we were just standing there, staring.

From the beginning, I fell in love with this $10 bright bouquet filled with some of my favorite colors, and finally made the decision to take it home. (In fact, they remind me of this beautiful bouquet that I hope to one day emulate.) Now I can't help but smile every time I get a whiff of the sweet floral smell and glance over at them perched on our dining room table. Summer, don't leave us. Pretty, please?

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