Friday, January 25, 2013

Bite-Sized Food, Super-Sized Fun

Despite our best intentions, it was hard to get another cooking club night on the books. But finally, finally, we picked a day, a place and a theme. Liz hosted us all last Sunday night (and kicked Barry out for the night!) and since they live in a smaller condo, she chose "Mini foods" as the theme. Brilliant!

One might think that we'd opt for simple recipes like corn dogs or ants on a log. (But I guess we're not 5 years old either?) But no, we got all fancy. On the miniature menu:
  • Fried chicken and waffles
  • Individual chicken pot pies (that's the roll-looking thing with cheesy goodness on top!)
  • Brie and fig wrapped in some sort of croissant dough
  • Mini wedge salads (that's what I brought; I figured a veggie option might be refreshing)
  • Sweet potato goodness wrapped in some sort of amazing dough
  • Two types of stuffed mushrooms
  • Apple tarts (dessert seen below)
We clearly ate ourselves silly because in no time, we decided that it was absolutely critical to learn the latest line dance craze: The Wobble. It's like the Wobble said to the Macarena, "I'll see your catchy, rhythmic hand motion and raise you a body roll." Get ready to see Wobbling at a bar near you, friends. It's good.

P.S. Contrary to back-to-back dance-related posts, I actually don't crazy dance every single day. Usually only like 4 days a week :)
P.P.S. Next theme: Family recipes! Mom, Dad, what should I make?!


  1. Oh my gosh, why do mini foods taste so much better than regular foods?! I have not heard of this dance, I feel out of the loop, I'm off to put it into YouTube...

  2. Ummmmm...this looks fabulous. Great food and great friends. It's what life's all about.
    Cheers for your comment.
    And I'm enjoying your blog already.
    Enjoy your night...

  3. That looks yummy.

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