Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goose and Fifi, yet again

Because I know you can't get enough of them and I haven't been doing too well to keep my reputation of "crazy cat lady," here are a few gems. Up top, the kitties still cuddle together all of the time. In boxes. In our laundry hamper. On our bed. On the couch. In our laps. They're just a cuddly duo.

They really loved their game: Unroll. Reroll (Joe or me). Repeat. Fortunately for us (unfortunately for them), we found a solution by using a clothespin to secure the roll. I promise we don't kill all of their fun. Just the fun that ends up with an entire roll of wet toilet paper on the floor.

I had no idea when I bought this bathroom vanity that they little shelf was actually a cat shelf. As I posted on Instagram, "assume the teeth brushing position, Fifi!"

P.S. When I told Steph that I liked this sweater, she said, "of course you would." At least I know my friends still think I'm crazy :)


  1. Love them!!! That link to the JCrew site didn't go to a specific sweater - does it have cats on it?! I would probably love it too then...

  2. Yes, it did have a cat on it. I updated the link because they are all sold out now!


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