Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Many a years ago, I came to work and found a bottle of Trader Joe's Yellow Thai Curry Sauce on my desk. Normal people might think, "why the hell is there thai curry sauce on my desk?" But I thought, "hell yeah, I have some tasty-lookin' thai curry sauce!" Low and behold, it was from Kathryn, who was trying to enlighten me of the marvels of Trader Joe's - particularly this sauce. Since then, it's become a staple in my cupboards. Typically, we just cook it with some chicken, add a bell pepper and serve over rice. But the other night, I wanted to get a bit more adventurous...

So we made sauteed the two bell peppers and an onion, adding water chestnuts toward the end. In the meantime, we had some diced chicken cooking in another pan. We added the chicken when it was done, then poured in the thai curry sauce. Then to give it a bit more volume (I love leftovers), we added a half a can of coconut milk. Cooked it until it was bubbling, then let it cool a bit. Then I threw it on a big leaf of iceberg lettuce and we had some mighty fine thai chicken lettuce wraps on our hands. Yes, they were messy, but I happen to think that sometimes the messiest of foods is the best. Because let's not kid ourselves, have you had Memphis-style BBQ nachos? (I just had them and was once again amazed by their deliciousness.)


  1. That Trader Joe's curry sauce is the best! We buy both the red and yellow ones all the time. Usually I put it in the crock pot with chicken overnight and then add sautéed veggies when it's done. But lettuce wraps would also be super yummy!

  2. I've had Memphis style BBQ Nacho's :)


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