Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Say Cheese

A short engagement calls for quick decisions. So right after we decided on the date of our nuptials, we were 6 months out, which meant that save the dates were "supposed" to go out. (Seriously, can we all agree that the wedding planning "calendar" is a bit ridiculous?) So we tapped the photography skills of Maddie to take our photo down at Green Lake for our Save the Date. She captured some great shots - it was hard to pick our favorite! But I'd have to say that the bloopers may have been my favorite. I'm only sharing a select few, but as you might be able to tell, someone was being quite the goofball. If that makes me Mrs. Goofball, I'll take it.

Thanks for taking our photos, Mads!

He kept bringing out this cheesy (yet adorable) smile.

I don't even remember what this was about. Maybe I fake-dodged a kiss? I don't know. But if he sticks out that lip a little further, a little bird may poop on it! (Did anyone else hear this from their parents growing up?!)

He's a keeper.


  1. I absolutely LOVE that picture of you guys! She did a great job!!

  2. Great photos and you're right, the bloopers are great!

  3. I love the bloopers they're totally amazing! So much fun.


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