Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins and cider and hay rides, oh my!

Yesterday, a group of us went to a Pumpkin Patch. It was by far my favorite fall outing this year. Rather than recreate the wheel, you can learn about the whole fun and crazy experience as told by Maddie here.

I'll focus on the highlights and then share like a dozen pictures because I'm obsessed with all of them. And don't worry, there will be more as soon as I scan them.

  • Getting lost in Duvall, trying to find a ficticious pumpkin patch. Who knew that Duvall was so pretty? And has a cute, little downtown area with a fantastic country-esque BBQ restaurant.
  • Finally finding a pumpkin patch, but not actually going in the pumpkin patch. It was a lake out there. But you should go to Remlinger Farms. (Especially if you have little ones because they have a mini-Disneyland there. But we were judged when we showed interest without these said little ones. Come on, mister, everyone likes a fun park, right?)
  • Taking beautiful pictures. Like these...

theme of the day: pumpkins and boots.

mud. mud. and more mud.

cider time.

kimbie's prized possessions.

maddie petting the horsey.

erika, steph, pumpkin #1, pumpkin #2

jcrew model.

finally got to wear my new headband.
maddie captured its' prettiness.

as you know, i love laughing photos
so i'm obviously going to love this one.

beeeessssssttttt friends.
BFF for life.

don't you just love fall?


  1. you were totally thinking of me when you bought that head band weren't you? You're so sweet!


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