Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How do you ramen?

With our kitchen in disarray and refrigerated food still at the apartment, we scoured through our dry foods box and found the perfect late night dinner ion Saturday after a grueling day of moving: Top Ramen. I will have you know that I actually transferred these packs of Top Ramen from my last move - 3.5 years ago! That's how much I eat this stuff. But we figured it's Top Ramen, so it likely has a shelf life comparable to a Twinkie, right?

At any rate, it reminded me of the time when I lived with the ladies in a house in Green Lake. One night, we all craved Top Ramen. So we made it happen. BUT, we soon realized that people have very specific ways to cook and eat ramen. Some like to crunch the noodles, some like less water, some like more water, some like less seasoning, etc. So we literally had four pots of Top Ramen on the stove and one waiting for their turn - no one cooked it the same! It was certainly a sight to see and it makes me giggle when I think back on it.

I would be in the "purist" category because I follow the directions and don't crunch the noodles (why would you do that? long noodles are so fun!), but Joe likes less seasoning, so we compromised. Then we enjoyed our dinner in our new living room. Eek, our new living room. It's still surreal.

P.S. Yes, we're drinking red wine out of champagne flutes - we couldn't find the wine glasses. I also used a Pyrex measuring cup to drink water because I couldn't find our glasses. Ah, the perils of moving.


  1. This makes me laugh! What's weird is that at the time we were like of course we'll make 5 different pots of Ramen. Duh.

  2. I know, right? If I remember correctly, you were less water and less seasoning? :)

  3. Petes, you and I could share a pot :)

    Big house knew how to get things done...


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