Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stockholm Street Style

One of the biggest surprises from our trip to Sweden last year was the FASHION. Holy moly, everyone dresses like their next stop is the runway - even the men! Their style was impeccably perfect - a combination of chic, trendy and relaxed. Coming from the land of Northface, Gortex and Birkenstocks, it blew my mind. But I will say, Stockholm definitely took the cake for fashion - it really made me think about whether it was a requirement to look good within city limits? (Just kidding... sort of.)

Now to get my Swedish fashion fix, I visit Stockholm Street Style. You'll see some eclectic style, that's for sure! 



  1. Olivia Palermo in the house!
    I have to say, it can't hurt that all the Swedes are super attractive. (Yes, I'll include you in that)

    1. Remember how the first thing I told you when I got back was, "Maddie, you would LOVE all of their awesome clothes!"

      And thanks for including me in on that :)


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