Monday, June 18, 2012

A Father's Day... work party?

For Mother's Day, we had a lovely picnic down at the lake - enjoying the sunshine and each others company. For Father's Day, on the other hand, we had a work party! Since my dad had only seen our home empty, he wanted to see it with all of our goods. And since he was coming down, he was kind enough to offer his handy dandy Mr. Fix-It skills! I won't get into details, but Dad and Joe discovered a simple fix to solve the problem we were most concerned about. Phew!

While they were touring the house, to essentially catalog our future house projects, my Mom and I got busy painting the living room (hence, my Mom's painting shirt!). Pictures to come, but it's beautiful! Not the exact color I was expecting, but perfect nonetheless.

After the work party, Joe and I made dinner - some grilling on the deck (this same meal) and a round of my favorite cocktail. Since I get my love of all things spicy from my Dad, I figured he'd like it too. And I was right! He loved it.

All in all, it was a wonderful day - yes, we worked a little, but being together is what matters most. And to be honest, my Dad loves this sort of thing. (Right, Dad?) Especially, when it involves an excited, grateful daughter who can't survive without her Daddy :)

Dad, Happy Father's Day! Thank you for everything - you mean the world to me. LYMOA!


  1. Anything for my girls. All 5 of them.See you on Thursday night. I just try to be as good of a father as I had. I miss him daily.

    1. Aww, well I certainly think you're the best! I know grandpa thought so too :)


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