Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Peaceful Blues

As a new homeowner, I can't spend more than a few minutes in a room without envisioning what it will look like someday. I squint my eyes and see an area rug there, a painted wall here, a table lamp there, a mirror here. (Joe usually says, "I can see the dollar signs in that stare", so I quickly flash back to reality.) It's a slow process, but over time, it'll get there. We've decided (well, I decided and ran the idea by Joe, who happily agreed) that we'll do peaceful hues of blue and gray in our bedroom one day. Now, everything I see is a pretty shade of blue! It's like the universe knew that I have the blues... on my mind. 

Any other beautiful blue or gray bedroom pieces out there that I should know of? 
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1 comment:

  1. So pretty.
    Onekingslane is doing a room by color thing right now. Ch-ch-ch check it out, yo. It's pricey, but good for inspiration :)


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