Monday, May 27, 2013

The Great Wheel

Earlier this year, we had the ultimate FOOD DRIVE SMACKDOWN. It was our little Seattle office pitted against sub-groups of our DC office of equal size. Well, one thing I've learned from nearly 6 years at GMMB is 1) the people have hearts of gold and would give their left arm to charity, if needed and 2) holy cow, we are competitive! So it goes without saying, we won. Big time. As a reward, the office treated us to a ride on the Great Wheel and happy hour on the wharf. Sweeeeeet.  

So just over a week ago, we all left the office early on a Friday to ride the wheel and enjoy a drink together. It was cloudy, but still gorgeous. Even though I've lived in Seattle for nearly 11 years, I continue to find its beauty day-in and day-out.

Sam, Trina and Andy

Frances and me

Ominous clouds, yet beautiful

Another pod filled with GMMBers

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  1. I never get over how charming Seattle is, no matter how many years pass. And I keep meaning to walk down and ride that darn ferris wheel, I really need to do it!

    Sarah @ Life As Always


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