Friday, May 28, 2010

stephanie's happy list

I sent Stephanie the forecast for sunny L.A. last week since we're going tomorrow (and I'm just getting around to posting this, so it's a bit dated) and in response, she sent me her happy list.

I love happy lists.
  1. Mariners’s game tomorrow with 4 of my favorite ladies! (2 of which are my mom and Nana who are riding the school bus down! You can guess the other 2). And yes, Petes is one of these :)
  2. Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale starts next Wednesday. I’ve already made a list of things I hope go on sale.
  3. SATC2 in one week!
  4. My new sundresses that I can’t wait to wear in LA
  5. The banana in my kitchen that is getting smooshier every day, making it the perfect candidate for banana pancakes this weekend.
  6. Regina Spektor on my Pandora (I'm so right there with her.)
  7. Possible date with potential future baby daddy
  8. Thisclose to finishing a 5-star Sudoku sitting on my desk.

For a little eye candy, I thought I'd also include this rad picture. First, because I love ballerinas and danced for YEARS. Second, because Stephanie danced for YEARS too. Danced right into my heart. (hehe)


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