Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm stoked for this weekend.

Why? Well, because after this weekend I won't have a stay-at-home-and-get-stuff-done weekend in a LONG time. The next three weekends will be taken over by work trip to DC, Memorial Day weekend in LA (visiting Suze with Stephers, yay!), then running my longest run ever, 20 looooooong miles. On top of that, the training schedule during the week is even starting to get out of control (10 miles on a Wednesday?!). Therefore, all of my errands will be taking the back seat the next couple weeks.

So what will I do this weekend, you ask? Hmmm, where to begin.
  • Get a haircut with Sofia. She's the best stylist ever.
  • Wash my car. Poor thing has had enough of the tree pollen already.
  • Change my oil, but never at Jiffy Lube. No fiascos needed, thank you.
  • Run.
  • Plant my garden!
  • Continue the hunt for a perfect dress for July weddings.
  • Date night. (any ideas?)
  • Maybe give this Stuffed French Toast recipe a stab? Steph said is was yummy. Yummm.
  • Enjoy the sun with a glass of vinho verde. I tried one called Casal Garcia once with a pretty lace label and it was delish. (If you've never tried vihno verde, you must. It's a little more tart and refreshing than white wine and has a slight effervescence. Or bubbly... got caught up in wine jargon :))


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  1. Don't you love weekends like this?? I don't have any big plans, no places to be and no appointments... just me and my little to-do list :-) Love it!


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