Monday, September 7, 2009

Pictorial Representation of our Dave Matthews Band Adventure

As I mentioned before,
Steph won tickets to go see the Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge.
It's so pretty there.

The concert was good.
They played Steph's favorite song, so that was a plus.

However, before the concert started, we decided we wanted some yummy hot chocolate.
So I went on a mission.

After waiting for at least an hour and making friends in line,
I headed back to Steph in the crowd.
Unfortunately, the concert had started, so it was impossible to find her.
I was lost. (Much like this girl.)

As I weaved my way through the drunk and high crowd,
I was at a complete loss.
I was beginning to think we would watch the concert alone.
Finally, I asked a random man if I could borrow his cell.
She answered and we were finally able to reconnect.
(At this point, her hot cocoa was luke warm at best)

Our reunion was blissful and we enjoyed the rest of the show.
Then got into our car to head west,
thinking how lucky we were we didn't have to camp in the cold weather.
Unfortunately, my heat wasn't working.
And my car was driving strangely.
Then, when we were at the tippy top of the Snoqualmie Pass....

I was in the fast lane and suddenly, it died.
I started losing speed quickly.
I threw on my flashers and was inching along.
I had to cross like 3 lanes of fast traffic in the pouring rain.
All while my car was billowing smoke like this.
(Or maybe a little less smoke, but it was pretty intense)

So here we are: 2 girls, 1am, freezing cold outside and raining, 60 miles from Seattle.
After a few desperate calls to some friends, random new friends from the Gorge, Allstate, Emergency Roadside Assistance... The best option was: Dad.
Dad = Superman
Since they live way north, we bundled up in the 1 blanket we had and attempted to sleep.
However, it's really hard to do because
1. The semis were so loud in passing
and we kept thinking they were coming right for our tail.
2. Doesn't Bigfoot live in Snoqualmie Pass?!
3. The Hollywood-induced sensationalist in me just knew
that my car was going to suddenly blow into smithereens.

But we still got some rest.

Then we heard the trumpets blowing.
The rain clouds parted.
And Superman came to rescue us!
(He even brought the very supportive Mrs. Superman.)
At this point, it was 4:15am.

Superman brought us home and we were in bed as the morning light began to fill the crisp Autumn sky.
At approximately 6:00am, my head finally hit my pillow.
Peaceful sleep.
At about 7:30am, Mr. and Mrs. Superman's heads hit their pillows.

As I am writing this, Superman is working on a few hours of sleep
and towing my car down the pass.
I'm so lucky.
He's a wonderful guy.
And so is Mrs. Superman.
Thank you!
(And I owe him BIG!)

(And I'm sorry Dave, but you were worth the ride over...
but definitely not the ride back.)

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