Monday, October 4, 2010

She looked like a magazine bride

How do I keep lucking out with all of these fantastic weddings?! Saturday's was yet another one to add to the list. A few highlights that made it a blast:
  • They had a bagpiper who played during the processional AND led us the few blocks to the reception location. So fun!
  • Meredith looked like she was taken straight out of a bridal magazine - she was striking. Her dress was so chic and modern, her makeup was the perfect balance between natural and dramatic, her hair was sleek and she had a very radiant, I-just-got-married-to-the-man-of-my-dreams glow.
  • They served gnocchi and for anyone who knows me, I love me some gnocchi.
  • Molly Moon's ice cream and sticky toffee pudding cake. My first, and definitely not last, experience with the famous salted caramel ice cream. Delish.
  • The party was hoppin' and even continued on for the after party at Barca.
I wish I had taken more and better pictures, but I was apparently too into dancing and celebrating!

The GMMB ladies - a little blurry

My handsome wedding date who has stuck by my side through 4 weddings this summer. One more in November!

A wedding is never complete without an Andy #1 vs. Andy #2 arm wrestle showdown. Kathryn offering encouragement... or maybe a kiss? :)

Classic winning shot.

The Scottish theme and decorations were so elegant. When the tables were set when we arrived, the glassware was sparkling out of control. Gorgeous.

The favors? Mini bottles of Scotch! How fun, right?


  1. It looks amazing! I'm so glad everything was so beautiful and everyone had a good time :)

  2. I love it! Meredith really does look amazing!


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