Friday, October 22, 2010


We No Speak Americano is on the UK Top 40 right now. How do I know this? Well, Joe downloaded both US and UK Top 40 for me and let me tell you, the UK list has much more of a techno vibe. Though I suppose that's not too much of a shocker.

When this song came on, I immediately started bobbing my head. Then started a little shimmy. Then I just busted a move. (Are you visualizing me busting a move now?) So when I found this video, I was completely transfixed.

So to welcome the weekend, I invite you to bust a move with me. You can even bust this move at your desk! (How many times can one say "bust a move" in a blog post? Well, I guess 5 for me.) Enjoy! TGIF.


  1. I didn't bust a move but I did crack a smile!!!

  2. Me likey. I was dancing in my seat. Thanks!


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