Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little letters, getting older edition

Dear 26,
Thank you for being so good to me. You brought me this character, you completed your first marathon (top 5 in proudest moments), you danced the night away a few times, you explored new places in your city that you're ashamed you've never been before and you've experimented with so many new recipes! I will always look upon you as a great year.

It's been real. It's been good. It's been real good.

Dear 27,
26 definitely set the bar high, but I have faith that you'll deliver. Already on day 2, I'm feeling good. I am completely in awe for all the birthday wishes from everyone. Man, I have phenomenal friends and family. So may you bring me plenty of ladies nights (especially more dancing), fun dates and good family time.


P.S. I think 27 feels especially good because I was spoiled with BOTH Trophy cupcakes and Molly Moon's ice cream yesterday. So I leave you with some pics from the ice cream shop.

Joe got strawberry and chocolate and as you can see it made him very happy.

I got salted caramel and "scout" mint, which I later dreamt about. Aren't self-timers so nice? Especially when 70% of the shot is a lovely counter :) But look at all that ice cream behind us! I wanted to smuggle it home.

Move aside "Susan", it's Erika's turn on the chalk birthday cake. (Ok, sorry Susan. I wish you the best.)

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