Thursday, December 9, 2010

Madison Park Conservatory

Last night, Joe and I hit up his buddy Gary's new gig, the Madison Park Conservatory. We just went for drinks and dessert, but if what we had is any indication of what the dinner would taste like, then count me in!

I ordered a Seasonal Bellini, which had prosecco and a pear-cardamom puree. It was light and refreshing, everything a bellini should be and more.

Joe ordered the Brooklyn 46, which is a spin on the regular Brooklyn cocktail, but uses Maker's 46, a special, new Maker's Mark.

For dessert, and brace yourself for this one, we had Olive Oil cake with olive oil gelato and caramelized pears! I was skeptical because olive oil doesn't strike me as a "sweet" ingredient, but believe me: It's worth a try.

So who's with me on my next trip to the Conservatory?

Gary and Joe behind the bar
top pic via/Madison Park Blogger

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