Monday, March 7, 2011

House Hunting

Yesterday, Joe and I decided to visit a few open houses around Seattle. We are, by no means, looking to actually buy right now, but it's kind of a fun Sunday afternoon activity. Stephanie and I went condo-shopping (for her) a few weeks back and it got me hooked on the idea. One day, when I'm all grown up, I'll own a cute little house with a nice kitchen, pretty decorations and a yard and/or big deck for entertaining. One day. A girl can dream. In the meantime, I'll be content pretending how I'd spruce the place up and add my mark while strolling through open houses.

Our faves were a little Tudor in Ballard and a Craftsman in Maple Leaf. Aren't they cute?

pics via RedFin


  1. Adorable. I love the first one.

  2. I loooove the first house! It's so sweet :)

  3. I picture a wrap around deck on the 2nd

  4. My hubby is a builder. I know how exciting it is to buy a new house. I love the tudor style pointing roof tops. So adorable. Best of Luck!



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