Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My inner wedding planner

I'm happy that Autumn is tapping my inner wedding planner. Pretty dresses, beautiful venues, fun flowers, mechanical bull and more. (Ok, no mechanical bull at the wedding, but wouldn't that be funny?) After our run last night, Maddie, Autumn and I did a little inspiration searching. She's thinking yellow and grey, which automatically made me think of yellow pom pom flowers. And then we came upon this. Isn't it simple, funky and classy all in one? I love it.

pic/via Wedding Bee


  1. I also think daisies are nice for yellow-themed weddings too! Yellow is IN right now for weddings, so you can find a lot of inspiration on blogs!

  2. Funny you should mention that because she was thinking about doing daisies somehow too! Her mom did daisies at her wedding, so she thought it might be a nice tie-in :)

  3. My friends used something like this for the ushers at their wedding... although it wasn't made from pompoms but some kind of brazilian flowers that looked like them. At any rate, both are too adorable for words!
    - Catherine at The Spring


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