Monday, June 6, 2011


Malmö's Turning Torso - the tallest building in Scandinavia

Since Joe's family has a condo in Malmö, we used it as our "homebase" - starting and ending the vacation there. It's a decent size city, but there are very few tourists. Most people would automatically talk Swedish to me and I would respond with a blank stare and then sheepishly look to Joe for translation. It's one of the few places I've traveled and not automatically been pegged as a tourist. I guess my pale skin and light-colored hair passes for native! Point Erika.

I think Malmö should be called the "city of bikes". Everyone bikes. Young, old. Small or big. Sometimes even in a suit after work! A huge contrast to Seattle's spandex bikers. It reminded me a little of this bike rush hour.

And so we followed suit and biked everywhere around town! Exploring the city, to get groceries - you name it, we biked it. A few snapshots of our biking adventures... around old buildings and through parks.

One night in Malmö, Joe made me Swedish meatballs and potatoes with lingonberries. And I was in heaven. I could eat them for every meal. Followed by Swedish pancakes. And these amazing Swedish chocolate balls called chokladbollar. (Sidenote: Swedish food is quite delicious!)

We would end the night on the deck with a drink - soaking in the incredible view from the 17th floor. Malmö, I'll be back. Don't you worry.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you guys had amazing weather too!


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