Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kathryn, the New Yorker

Today is a very sad day. Another one of my favorite people is leaving me. Kathryn is off to the Big Apple to be a cute, little New Yorker. Her hubby Pat just finished dental school at UW (congrats!) and will be specializing in pediatric dentistry. Somehow this means that they have to move across the states, leaving all of us Kathryn-less.

I can't even begin to tell you how much she's meant to me over the last four years. Spending 40+ hours a week together at work definitely makes you realize how important it is to have good coworkers. But Kathryn is more than a coworker, she is truly an amazing friend. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know and says the funniest things without even trying. We've gone through a lot together - week night trips to the Little Red Hen (ouch), running a half marathon, venting when necessary, dancing the night away and witnessing Andy's pool table incident, and so much more.

Not only that, I partially attribute meeting my main squeeze to Kathryn. She encouraged me to give Match a try time and time again. Then when I finally gave in (after a few glasses of wine), she was the only person I told for a long time. My post-date sounding board, if you will. Thank you Kathryn, for encouraging me to make one of the best decisions of my life.

You'll be very missed. GMMB won't be the same without you. But luckily, I'm due for a trip to New York. So get that futon ready!

P.S. Kathryn is following her dream and doing to pursue Kathryn Bradley Photography full-time, so if you know anyone in the big city who needs a photographer, she comes highly recommended!

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  1. I echo all of these comments (although I have no Little Red Hen stories!). We are soooo going to miss you, Kathryn!


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