Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In Stockholm, we found the perfect balance between 'go-go-go' and 'sit-back-and-enjoy-the-view'. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. If you blend gorgeous, ancient buildings with a few trendy neighborhoods and water weaving throughout the city, you've got a recipe for perfection.

One day, we island hopped via water taxi. This is Gamla Stan, which translates to Old Town - the city center and where it all started back in the 1200s. (Also conveniently where our hostel was located for the first two nights.)

One of the parliment buildings. I don't know what it is, but I'm just charmed by all of the waterways.

We got off the water taxi at Djurgården for a few museum stops. First, the Vasa Museum, which housed one of the most ornate ships you could ever see. It set sail in Stockholm's harbor in the early 1600s, but quickly sank. (I bet those shipbuilders were a tad embarrassed...) After over 300 years, they finally salvaged the ship and it's quite a sight!

Next we went to Skansen, a 75 acre open air museum that shows the way of life back in the day. If I moved to Stockholm, I would apply to be a professional reenactor at Skansen so I could wear a bonnet and have charming men play the harmonica for me. Just sayin.

They also make my Grandma's flatbread there! I had a piece, but I think my Grandma Pete has got them beat. Hands down.

This is the view from City Hall of Gamla Stan. If there is ever a building to climb, I climb it - Reykjavik, Rome, Siena, Paris, Florence - you just gotta see the view from up top.

And us up top.

If Joe lived in Sweden, he would have had to do a year of military service after high school. This would have been one of his options. A palace guard. Do you see the jealousy in that smile?!

One side of the Stockholm Palace - one of the world's largest palaces with 1430 rooms!

This is the hostel we stayed on for our last night - a ship! Though I would use the term 'hostel' loosely because it is actually quite nice inside. Sidenote: People of all ages stay in hostels in Sweden because hotels are so spendy - so it's not just for college-aged peeps. Yes, some will ring the proverbial party alarm, but not the majority.

This was the view from our room. Ironically, the building we faced was our first hostel.

Sweden is very proud of their crown. Along with the dala horse and flag, it's pretty much everywhere. Even along bridges.

Next up, Stockholm meet-ups with the cousins!

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