Monday, June 13, 2011

She loves RyRy

This weekend we hit the streets of Portland for Autumn's bachy party! After over five years of dating, Autumn and Ryan are finally taking the plunge and I couldn't be happier for them. They truly are a perfect match - from their mutual love of fly fishing and sailing to their easygoing personalities, they were lucky to find one another.

But back to the party at hand. The weekend was filled with:

  • Nine gorgeous women

  • Lunch at Rogue Brewery

  • Lingerie shower at the hotel. (Did I mention we had giant photos of Ryan up around the room? It was a nice touch. Great idea, Mads.)

  • Amazing dinner at Urban Fondue

  • Delicious cocktails and amazing feather fascinators, the latter handmade by Karen!

  • Some incredible drag queens at Darcelles

  • A night FULL of dancing

  • Fleets of sailors coming to port for Portland's Rose Festival, who wanted nothing more than to dance with bachelorettes

  • Late night cupcakes and cheese

  • Very, very tired feetsies at the end of the night

  • Delicious brunch in the morning!

  • Strolling the Sunday market before skipping town

And now, the photographic evidence of a fantastic weekend!

This bachelorette has cashed out.
I can't wait for the wedding in two weeks!


  1. OMG what am I doing in the second from the bottom? My knees love that song.

  2. Brie Bender!
    I had so much fun! Love the photos and love you!


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