Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let the picnics begin!

Last night marked the first picnic of the summer season. It is one of my favorite summer activities - good food, good people watching, warm sun and most of all, good company. Last night we threw in some soccer with our newly purchased soccer ball, but sometimes Frisbee is fun and other times Yahtzee is the activity of choice. There is no doubt there will be more to follow because picnics are high on my summer to-do list (which I plan to post soon!). Also, Holden and Stephanie have both told me they are working on their Yahtzee dance - a public display of celebration when you roll a Yahtzee. Needless to say, we get a few looks after our dances.

Back to last night. We had a few friendly faces stop by during their runs - both Stephanie and James. Yes, that's right - believe it or not, Stephanie was running. (Maybe one day I'll convince her to go on a run with me?) That's what I love about Green Lake; you almost always see someone you know.

Where's your favorite place to picnic?

(P.S. The picnic basket up top is the one I snazzied up!)


  1. I love your picnic basket. Any time I go home during the summer my 4 year old sister and I need to picnic outside. It is always fun.


  2. ummmm...where did you get the cute quilt???

  3. On Tuesday we grabbed Mr. Gyro and ate at the Locks!


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