Friday, September 16, 2011


I'd be lying if I didn't say I lived for the weekends. Whether is one of those jam-packed weekends where you don't see room for breathing or one of those rare, I'm-staying-in-my-PJ's-and-doing-absolutely-nothing weekends, they are always front of mind, Monday through Friday. You with me on that?

This weekend, I'm having date night at Tin Table, visiting the Puyallup Fair and taking my Dad to an M's game. Who knows? I might even fit in a nap if I'm lucky.

So, to celebrate this lovely Friday, a few fun links from around the interwebs:

Quite possibly the best DIY ever.

Sort of in love with this quilt.

I really would like to make these, but I think I need the support from Baker Erin.

How to pack for a week. Very strategic.

I'm cat sitting this weekend, so I've got cats on the mind. One day, my friends.


Picture from last sailing trip.

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