Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Future Mrs. Olita Terry

All the brides on stage, waiting to be embarrassed by "Mama"

A few weekends ago, I had the lucky opportunity to celebrate the future Mrs. Olita Terry for her bachelorette party. The night involved a scrumptious dinner at Tavolata, a drag show at Julia's on Broadway (yes, my second drag show of the year), dancing at R Place and then a slumber party at the Sheraton. In the morning, we all went to Macrina Bakery for coffee and baked goods, but most importantly to rehash the evening's festivities. Because isn't that often times the most entertaining part of the bachelorette party?

It was such a fun night and perhaps a preview of the fun to come in 11 short days! (Eek, Olita!) I can't wait to watch you marry the man you love. You're going to be such a stunning bride!

(P.S. I failed to take a lot of photos during the evening, but did capture a few!)

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