Thursday, September 15, 2011

I covet

Hasbeens were at the top of my list of things to bring home from Sweden. I was ready for the splurge - I mean, the trip was already a splurge, so what harm would a pair of authentic clogs be? Shoot, I had been getting some use of my grandma's hand-me-downs, so I knew these would have a place in my wardrobe. On our trip, we asked a few of my relatives where we might find them, but apparently they aren't as hot of an item over yonder than they are here. And maybe they aren't even that cool here, but I still love them.

So on our last day, Joe and I went on a Hasbeen hunt! (It was his idea too; I guess I'll keep him after all) We looked online at all of the places in Malmö that carried them and plotted our drive to a few shops. But it was Sunday and like most European shops, they were all closed. In defeat, I splurged on Swedish ceramics instead. Don't get me wrong, I love my ceramic teapot and bowl (which I'll eventually show you), but I'm still longing for Hasbeens.

Similar to my Hunter Boot longing, I'll probably cave in two years - I just know it. But I need your help. When I eventually cave, which pair should I get?! The wine red braided sky high or the cognac peep toe super high? This is an important questions, my friends. One that I only ask of my most trusted friends - which is everyone on the internet, apparently.


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