Friday, June 12, 2009

Beer hunting.

My friends and I often frequent a little dive bar by the name of The Duchess... or the Dutch as we affectionately refer to it. It reminds us of college without fully being in the U-district (we're going to leave Earls and Finns to the students... unless Holden has any say in that). They have a "Husky" beer (AKA Miller High Life), the walls are covered with UW and Roosevelt High photos (weird, I know, what kind of bar associates itself with an underage entity??), pool table and shuffleboard.

They also have this sweet club: The Beer Hunter's Club. Yep, hunting beer. It requires you to fill up a stamp card of 40 different beers! And I'm happy to announce that I am a proud member. I started way back in April 2006 and just finished a couple months ago - I can't believe I didn't lose my stamp card in that timeframe!

Anyway, upon completion, they ring this bell and announce it on their loudspeaker-type thing and you get an awesome hat. We dubbed it the $160 hat because that's about how much it costs to actually get the hat in the end. AND, you get your name engraved on a plaque on the wall.

On her last night in town, Danielle finally joined the Beer Hunter's Club. (She actually remembered to bring her card from Tennessee!) She had 7 stamps left, but luckily she and Straubs got there at 5 to start early. And she made it. Welcome to the club, D!

Only 2 remain to join the club: Straube and Cleggo. Ladies, we're waiting... The funny part is that Straube is like the Queen of the Dutch! Not only did she start her bachelorette party there, the bartender Steve is madly in love with her.

Danielle earns her "antlers"

We saved the best for last. I love my camo hat!

Autumn, Maddie and I proud of our stamp cards!

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  1. I have hung out so many dang times at the Dutchess!!! Haven't been there really this year at all, but maybe next Huskie season! :)


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