Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The not-so-secret garden

With the assistance of my mom’s green thumb, I finally planted my little garden outside my apartment last weekend! I have a great little porch with an area in front for a garden – it was previously inhabited by an ugly, dead tree of sorts, but that’s no longer.

My Mom, Dad, Grandma Pete and Lily all came down to visit on Saturday – Steph joined the Peterson clan fun as well. First, we walked to Hale’s for some lunch. Then, we trekked over to Fred Meyer to scope out the flower selection. My only requirements were: a lot of color and long-lasting flowers – gotta make it through the whole summer!

After a laborious process of actually picking the flowers out, we headed back to my place. Steph, Dad and Grandma took the liberty of watching the process while my Mom and I got down and dirty in Miracle Grow. (Lily just started digging a hole next to the tree she was tied to. Apparently, she felt left out.) I was hoping for an overnight miracle, but alas, flowers take TLC to thrive. On Sunday, my Dad called and asked how much I made at the Ballard Farmer’s Market from my plentiful, flourishing, miracle flowers. I told him $62 – that’s right, Miracle Grow works magic. That, or I have a super green thumb...

Getting started

Planter #2 - Dad and Grandma relaxing

Some finishing touches

Ta-da! Garden-riffic!

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